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Principal’s Message

As Salaamu Alaikum Wr Wb

A very warm welcome to all our past students and parents, all our new students and parents, all our fantastic teachers, administration, support staff and the P&C Committee. We had a very successful 2018 and may Allah (SWT) bless us and guide us in 2019 to have another enjoyable and great year, inshallah.

I am honored to be your new principal. I would like to thank Mrs Banwa for her hard work and dedication as Principal over the past 5 years and the success Mrs Banwa has achieved as Principal.

Mrs Banwa will now work very closely with the school management and myself in her new role as Education Advisor in Teaching and Learning.
This is a very important position in the College and as the Education Advisor, Mrs Banwa will assist teachers to deliver great lessons and assist students to achieve the best results.

Mrs Banwa will work closely with students and monitor their progress throughout the year. As always AIIC is committed to Excellence in Education (both in the Australian Curriculum and Islamic Education) and as the Education Advisor, Mrs Banwa will work with both teachers and Imams to improve your results. We wish her well in her new role at the College.

I would also like to welcome our new staff and wish them a long and happy stay at the AIIC.
Ms Karly Handley- Science- High School

Mrs Ayesha Seedat – ICT
Mr Rishi Gowreah PE Teacher
Ms Erin Dunn Year 6
Mrs Kuldeep Kaur – Year 5
Mrs Rakshinda Zareen – Prep
Ms Vaneesha Menon -Year 2
Hafiz Hubeldine Legase – Primary Islamic /Arabic

Our student enrolments have increased in all campuses. Alhamdullilah. Congratulations to all the parents for enrolling your children at AIIC and trusting us with your child’s education. We provide an excellent Australian and Islamic education program with our skilled teachers in a safe Islamic environment.

Your confidence in the College and the increased enrolments this year is an indication of the good work all the staff are performing at AIIC. We cannot educate your child without your support and we will communicate with all parents regularly about your child’s academic performance.
We must work together to help your child achieve the best academic results.

We also have a very strong sports program and in 2018 where we achieved fantastic results. We have many talented students in our sports program, and we hope to continue and better our performance this year. Mr Rishi Gowreah is a qualified HPE teacher and has already started his planning and we wish him success in 2019.

Our focus this year will be on Literacy and Numeracy across all year levels. Our year 12 this year will be the last cohort or group of students to sit for the OP. Year 11 will fall under the new ATAR system.

I wish you all the very best for this year and look forward to working together with all families in the best interest of all our students.
Mr Mohammed Ally Principal