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School menus

Healthy halal meals made fresh daily.

Our School tuckshop believes that choosing a variety of foods in moderation from the menu together with regular physical activity are essential ingredients for good health.

The AIIC Tuckshop is open from Monday to Friday from 8AM to 2PM

Parents are welcome to place a morning tea / lunch orders for their children.

We strive to bring your children a healthy range of reasonably priced food. The menu is Smart Choice Compliant. Each menu has its code:

G = Green is best choices
A = Amber is to select carefully
R = Red is for occasional

Please note that menu items may be unavailable from time to time due to factors outside of our control.

Special Dietary Requirements.
All foods are halal and nut-free. 
We can also cater for children with special dietary needs if advised in advance such as vegetarian, gluten free and dairy free.

How To Order.
All orders must be in by 9 am. Orders for primary students are organised by class teacher and will be submitted to tuckshop before 9.15am. 

  1. Please provide a separate suitably sized paper bag for morning tea (MT) and lunch (L) otherwise 10c is charged for each paper bag provided by the tuckshop. 
  2. Write clearly on the paper bag the following: 
  • Morning Tea (MT) or Lunch (L)
  • Child’s name
  • Class
  • Menu items and costs – appreciated if exact amount is given to avoid change is not lost in transit
  • Please do not use sticky tape or staples on bags.
  • Order without paper bag will be charged 10c.

Friday Special – every Friday, tuckshop has a special menu which changes every week. Please refer to the *Friday Special Menu. All pre-order for Friday Special should be received by tuckshop on Thursday, a day before the Friday Special date with details of your child’s name, class, total packs and exact money in your child’s paper bag.

We do not offer credit!

AIIC Tuckshop now has cashless payment with 1.9% surcharge applies.

For any enquiries, please contact us at

Our complete Term 1 menu can be downloaded here!


Chicken Wrap (G)
  • Full
  • Half
Sandwich (G)
  • Chicken Filling
  • Tuna Filling
  • Egg Filling
  • Vegetarian

(upon request)

Mini Pizza (G)
  • Chicken

chicken, spinach, red onion, cheese with pizza sauce

  • Vegetarian

(upon request – pre order only)

spinach, tomato, carrot & cheese

Toasted Bread (G)

(available for morning tea and pre-order only)

  • Garlic bread
  • Cheese
Mix Salad (G) $3.50

Thai or thousand island dressings



Lipton Iced Tea (A)

peach or lemon

Iced Coffee (A)Barista Bros 

(strictly for seniors and staff only)

Water (G) $1.50
Plain milk (G) $1.30
Flavored Milk (A) Chocolate and Strawberry $1.50
Juice (A)

Apple, orange or tropical

Milo (A) $2.00
Fruits Slushy (A) 

99% fruit juice, no additional sugar or colored,

Iced Popsicle (A)

(lunch only) 

from fruit slushy

Ice Cream (A)

(pre-order will be served in cups – lunch only) 

vanilla or chocolate 

Rice / Cheese $1.00
crackers (A)
Fruits Muffin (A) $1.00
Choc Brownies (R)


Chips (R)
  • Thins 

Original or Salt & Vinegar

  • Chitato
Chicken Curry Rice with potato (G) $4.00
Burgers (G)
  • Chicken
  • Beef
Beef mini burger (G) $2.50
Lasagna (A) $2.50
Chicken Curry Rice with potato (G) $4.00
Lasagna (A) $2.50
Sausage Rolls (A) $3.50
Chicken salad (G) $4.00
Fruits Kebab (G) $1.00
Honey Buffalo Chicken Wing with Rice (G) $4.00
Beef Taco (G) $3.00
Mac n Cheese (A) $2.00
Sausage Roll (A) $3.50
Fruit Kebab (G) $1.00
Honey Buffalo Chicken Wing with Rice (G) $4.00
Sushi Roll (G)
  • Tuna & cucumber
  • Chicken & cucumber
Jacket Potato (G) $3.50
Beef Pie (A) $4.00
Fruit Kebab (G) $1.00

Refer * bellow

Chicken and Chips 

crunchy chicken wings with hot chips (R)

Hot Chips (R) $2.00
Beef Pie (A) $4.00

*Friday Special List $5

14/2/20 Nasi Lemak: (coconut rice with chicken rendang, fried anchovy, boiled egg, cucumber and special sambal) (G)
21/2/20 Sweet & Sour Chicken + Vegies + Rice (G)
28/2/20 Shredded Chicken Rice + Veg (G)
6/3/20 Fried Flat Noodle (Vegetarian and/or Chicken) (G)
13/3/20 Nasi Lemak (G)
20/3/20 Beef stir Fry + Rice + Veg (G)
27/3/20 Sweet Chili Chicken + Rice + Veg (G)
3/4/2020 Nasi Lemak (G)