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Campus Information

Here at the Australian International Islamic College (AIIC), we understand the importance of education in all aspects of life.

The students are constantly excelling in school, and extra-curricular activities. These achievements are proudly showcased at our Monday morning assemblies. AIIC also encourages our students – and their parents – to take part in after-hours events hosted on campus such as; Kindy/College open days, Jalsa (community sitting) nights, Eid celebrations, Family Fun Night, Fete and much more! The volume of student participation in these events paves the way for a deep-seeded sense of community spirit in your child.

AIIC also understands that each child is unique. Through our comprehensive Learning Support program, we ensure each child receives the assistance and support. The combined efforts of the teachers, and their support staff, are aimed at promoting a profound sense of personal growth in your child. This level of personal growth helps to promote a greater sense of self-esteem within your child.

Education in this world whilst important, is only half the journey for the young Islamic leaders of tomorrow. We ensure they never lose touch with their Islamic heritage through; daily morning supplications, a comprehensive Islamic curriculum, and daily Zuhr prayers.