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College Uniform Policy

AIIC aims to create a school of excellence. To achieve the school of excellence status, students need to wear clean, well ironed uniforms every day. A majority of students are always well dressed in the school uniform, but there are some who are not following the school uniform policy.

The uniform policy states “every student is required to wear the school uniform at all times”. The uniform worn by students must be clean, well ironed and in good condition. i.e. no holes, no tears, no button’s missing and no marks. The student is to wear ONLY white attires under their uniform; white singlets and shirts. High school girls are to wear ONLY WHITE caps under their hijabs!

The school will not accept out of school uniforms, and has the right to confiscate them.

The following actions will be taken if your child does not wear the proper school uniform. – Parents will be informed – one weeks’ notice. – After one week – student will be detained during morning tea break and lunch break. – After 2 weeks – parents will be informed again and advised that the school bus will not pick their child up if he/she continues to come to school out of uniform.

Please help us to build a school of excellence where all students wear their clean full uniform every day of the week by ensuring your child, is aware of and, wears the proper school uniform at all times in accordance with our school uniform policy (please refer to AIIC School Uniform Guide on overleaf of page).

Note. No student will be allowed on campus with the incorrect uniform. The full school uniform should be worn with black leather school shoes (NO SNEAKERS ALLOWED). The sports uniform should ONLY be worn on sports days.

Please read the AIIC College Uniform guide & Policy.