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Supporting our School, Nurturing our Students

The AIIC Parents and Citizens (P&C) Association is a committee of active and dedicated parents, citizens and staff at AIIC. It encourages a closer co-operation between the school, parents and the wider community. We provide volunteer support in co-curricular and administrative activities, raise funds for infrastructure & co-curricular activities, and organise events to bring the school family together.  All parents & carers of AIIC students can be members of the Association. There is no membership or annual fees.

The 2019 P&C Association Executive Committee comprises of

  • Principal Mrs Fizzah Raza
  • Vice-Principal Mr Mohamed Dhaqan
  • Secretary Mrs Coryn Flood
  • Treasurer Mr Mohammed Ariff
  • Assistant to the Secretary and Treasurer Mrs Samia Khan

In addition to over a dozen hardworking parents and carers who make every project successful with their hard work and enthusiasm. We have regular meetings with the school Principal & teaching staff representatives, enabling us to give feedback on school policies and programs, and discuss school issues with the administration. The meeting dates are publicised on all our communication channels and all parents & community members are invited to attend. 


We have our regular meetings usually monthly (depending on the school calendar), in which the Principal, the school’s Police Liasion Officer, the Teacher representative and any other interested persons are all invited to attend.


Alhamdulillah, in 2019 we raised funds through our food and drink stalls in various school & community events. We also organized garage sales in some of these events, which also gave parents to buy spare school uniforms at low prices. The Parents Association used these funds in 2018 to assist in the cost of the pedestrian footpath along the Durack campus driveway; and in 2019 we have sponsored the Book Week author visit, along with contributions to other causes. 

Mums Meetups

The P&C Association is acutely aware of the diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds of the students at this school, and the challenges they face in the Australian education system. To this end, we have started a series of “Mums Meetup” events for mothers of AIIC students. With the aid of translators, we provide mothers a safe and informal environment to share school issues, especially behavioural issues. These meetups also bring together mums from different communities together and motivate them to be more active in their children’s school life. 


One of our main goals is to increase communication between AIIC parents, students, teachers and administration. We aim to achieve this by: 

· Monthly meetings with the school administration and teaching staff representative. 

· Use of P&C Association whatsapp group and AIIC-Durack Parents 

         – Whatsapp group  (https://chat.whatsapp.com/KOlb2kmC75tDUSDlhLADD4) and 

         – Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/AIIC.ADMIN/).

All AIIC-Durack parents are welcome to join these channels.

· Use of dedicated school email account for communicating with parents & school Administration (p.committee@aiic.qld.edu.au

· Use of Somali translator in our monthly meetings, Mums Meetups, and Parents whatsapp group communications, where needed. 

· Regular writeups in the monthly school newsletter 


Research has shown that when parents are actively involved in their child’s school and especially a school parents committee/association, the child does better academically and socially in the school. We encourage parents especially P&C Association members, to volunteer in their child’s school activities, by assisting in excursions, swimming classes, classroom reading, incursions like the Under 8’s day and Hajj incursion, school events like Iftar night, Annual Fete and Jalsa. We are also assisting the school & CommBank in rolling out the School Banking Programme in 2019-2020. 

Note of Thanks

On behalf of the Parents Association and all the parents at AIIC, we would like to thank the administration and staff, especially Mr Mohammed Ally, for supporting us throughout the year in all our concerns & activities. We look forward to improving and strengthening our P&C in 2020, InshaAllah. We wish all the graduating students of 2019 the best of luck in their life’s journey; as your carers, we are always here to guide you and help you achieve your goals.