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Islamic Curriculum

Our Islamic studies curriculum contains broad aspects of Islam based on the Qur’an and authentic Hadith and it covers all the necessary practical items for the daily life of a believer.

The following are some of the main subjects covered in this Weekend Learning series: 

  • Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence laws of everyday life e.g. cleanliness, prayers, fasting, etc.)
  • Seerah (A study of the life of our Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.) 
  • Aqeedah (Correct beliefs with regards to Allah, His Messenger, His angels, etc.) 
  • Tafseer (A look at the meanings of certain Surahs and Ayaat from the Qur’an.) 
  • Hadith (Presenting the pure words of the Messenger of Allah and it’s meanings.) 
  • Adaab (Etiquette relating to different areas and situations in the life of a Muslim.)   

Each year the Islamic curriculum begins with a few topics on Allah, the Qur’an, the Prophet S.A.W. and the Hadith.

In the early years the emphasis is given on the 5 pillars of Islam, but each coming years the detailed studies of the same pillars follow.

Every year the history of some of the prophets are introduced in an age appropriate manner. There are several lessons devoted for Islamic manners, values and morals so that our children will grow up with a good understanding of Islamic culture. Each lesson will include a homework assignment for students. 

In addition to the above we have also supplemented the series with a booklet on Duaas, Hadith and Tajweed by which the students are encouraged to memorize certain Duaas and Hadith and they are also taught the laws of Tajweed in theory. 

Our Islamic curriculum has been tailored for the Muslim students living in Australia and it includes everything for Muslim students need to know about their religion especially while living in a multicultural society.  

Alhamdulillah! All Imams that teach at the College have studied Arabic and Islamic Studies extensively and also have Australian Universities recognized Qualifications.