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Qur'an Reading

An allout effort is being made to, first, teach all students to fluently read the Qur’an and secondly to improve the quality of reading for those who are already reading the Qur’an. The goal is simple: 

Students are trained to recite the Holy Qur’an from year 2 onwards

In our Prep classes, the students are taught the basic Arabic letters. From Year one they start on the first part of the summarized version of Nurani Qaida Quranic Arabic Reading book, which is a booklet used for teaching Quranic reading. In Year Two the students then move up to the end of the book which covers more Tajweed items (correct recital rules). We work towards our goal that is by the end of year two, students should be able to read the Qur’an. Subsequent years will see the students improving on the fluency and Tajweed of the Qur’an. 

As we have new students joining the school throughout the school year, we understand the need to cater for various levels of Qura’nic reading within each class. For this we have streamlined each class into three groups structure to accommodate the varying ability levels. In some classes we have teacher aides who help students needing more attention in the fluency of their Qura’nic reading. 

Multiple methods including ICT integrated lessons are used in our Qur’an classes to enable the students read Qur’an properly. Our main goal is to make sure that all our students are reading the Qur’an in a reasonable period of time 

Qur'an Memorisation

comprehensive curriculum has been prepared for each class to complete the memorising of necessary Surahs for the Year. 

Outline below are the list of Surahs expected to be memorized by each grade levels. 

     Year Level                       Surahs 
Prep  Surah Fatiha & Three short Surahs 
Year One  Last Ten Surahs & Ayaatul Kursi 
Year Two  From Surah Humazah to Zilzaal 
Year Three  From Surah Al Bayyinah to Dhuha 
Year Four  From Surah Al Layl to At Tariq 
Year Five  From Surah Al Buruj tAbasa 
Year Six  Surah Nazi`atNabaMulk & Qalam 
Year Seven  Selected parts of Surahs InsanQiyamah, Muzammil and Rahman  
Year Eight  Selected parts of Surahs Rahman, Munafiqoon, and Waqiah 
Year Nine  Selected parts of Surahs WaqiahHujuraat and Fat’h 
Year Ten  Selected parts of Surah Isra, Surah Kahf, Surah Maryam, Surah Taha  
Year Eleven & Twelve  Selected parts of Surah Baqarah, Surah Aaali Imran, Surah Yaseen and Surah Rahman All the classes from Year 7 onward will have the Tafseer of Surahs from Naas to Duha.