Welcome to the lower primary school at the Australian International Islamic College. Our college provides a safe, nurturing and caring environment that provides challenging educational opportunities for all students. Our focus is on the development of the whole child – taking a wholistic approach to the child and the curriculum. Understanding the child, how children develop and learn is a key component in the planning, delivery and assessment of the curriculum.


We follow the national Australian Curriculum with age and developmentally appropriate activities for learning. We believe that students need to have the right attitude to learn and fully participate in an educational program.  Throughout the primary school, students participate in the ‘You Can Do It’ program – a positive behaviour management program that focuses on what the child can do and builds success from there. We encourage students to have growth mind-set, that they can achieve with the right attitude. All students from Year 1 onwards have their own laptop to enhance their learning and achievement – they are all going to be digital citizens.  As well as ensuring foundational skills are strong and well developed, students are also supported by our Student Services Department which encompasses learning support and ESL (English as a Second Language).

Throughout the year, students participate wholly in college life, the community and events. Our school community is guided by the Islamic faith. We are committed to values, diligence, service, teamwork and tolerance for each individual. We value appropriate class sizes throughout the lower primary school, and endeavour to create an intimate environment where access to teachers is enhanced for children and their parents. Parents are encouraged to help and support their child with their learning. Education is about communication, working together and being there to scaffold and guide the children.

We are proud of our dedicated and enthusiastic teaching staff who work rigorously for excellence for every child at our school.