Our Senior Secondary College provides students with a multitude of engaging learning programs and environments that encourage them to reach their individual potential and prepare them for life beyond college.

Students in the Senior Secondary College choose different pathways as they prepare for life and academic challenges. Our holistic approach to education balances academics and personal well-being with an extensive range of co-curricular activities.

Academic courses encourage increasing personal responsibility for learning with teaching methods complementing and enhancing each student’s unique abilities and interests.

Students, guided by our dedicated guidance counsellor in our College, choose a variety of pathways to help them achieve and prepare for life after college. Pathways include the new QCE system, Overall Position (OP) to achieve entrance to university courses, Selection Rank for tertiary entrance equivalence, Vocational Education and Training Certificates (VET).

This flexibility and a variety of academic and vocational course options opens up exciting career prospects for each student.

Students in Year 12, 2019 study six subjects from the following options:

Select six subjects (one from each row) including English and Mathematics


Students in Year 11-12, 2019/20 study Five (5) subjects from the following options including one Mathematics & English subject:

Record five (5) subjects selected by placing tick mark (✓) in column labelled General or Applied/VET

Select any three subjects (3), one subject from any of the following options

*VET course conducted in TAFE or another institute

Please note that subject combination may change due to the number of students in each cohort.