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STEM Program @ AIIC

Australian International Islamic College (AIIC) aims to improve STEM education by lifting foundational skills in STEM learning areas, developing mathematical, scientific and technological literacy and promoting 21st century skills such as problem-solving, critical analysis and creative thinking. Our STEM learning initiatives through the Science, Technologies and Mathematics learning areas and through the General Capabilities. Our STEM program promoting targeted initiatives to lift our student’s performance in STEM, including scientific and mathematical literacy by

  • implementing the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies, Mathematics and Science
  • providing STEM-specific curriculum resources, through the Curriculum in the Classroom project, to develop students’ skills in literacy, critical and creative thinking, and problem solving
  • engaging and challenging the best and brightest students from Years 4 to 10 through the STEM virtual academies.

Importance & benefits of STEM Program:

STEM is part of everyday life and an increasing part of every workplace. STEM education enables students to develop solutions to complex problems and provides them with literacies and capabilities that will help them succeed in a world of technological change. As future innovators, educators, researchers and leaders, it is important that students develop the skills required to compete on a global scale.

STEM education benefits students by providing them with:

  • a deeper understanding of the STEM disciplines
  • skills to be competitive in the workplace. There is a growing gap between
    high-demand occupations and the skills required to fill them in fields like information technology
  • 21st century skills, e.g. collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and problem-solving
  • STEM literacy for everyday use
  • knowledge and confidence to learn.

It is our aim to promote students’ curiosity about STEM from the early years to Year 12 by integrating STEM education into their learning programs.