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Strategic Plan 2018 – 2022

Five key performance areas:

  1. Student Spiritual Relations
  2. Curriculum Development, Teaching Practice and Student Learning
  3. Pastoral Care within the College Community
  4. Partnership with Parents and the wider community
  5. Facilities, Resources, Organisation and Management

1. Student Spiritual Relations

To Create a Quality Integrated Islamic Caring and Learning Environment

Specific Properties by 2022 AIIC will:

  • Regular evaluation of the College ethos, values and principles.
  • Students share their knowledge of the Quran in public and college functions, and participate in Quran Competitions.
  • Students to visit community organisations and participate in community functions and activities.

2. Curriculum Development, Teaching Practice and Student Learning

To Provide a Quality Integrated Curriculum delivered by qualified dedicated teachers to ensure that the College has an Effective Planning, Assessment and Reporting Progress

Specific Properties by 2022 AIIC will:

  • Implementation of the early year’s curriculum through STEM.
  • Monitor and evaluate the implementation of STEM curriculum.
  • Increase professional learning to Heads of department, Coordinators and Teachers.
  • Increase student participation and develop a strong foundation in STEM.
  • Use coding, robotics, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and entrepreneurial programs to provide opportunities for students to create innovative digital solutions and to connect with industry expertise.

3. Pastoral Care Within The College

To Create a Caring, Supportive, Nurturing Learning Environment

Specific Properties by 2022 AIIC will:

  • Assist students and their families.
  • Regular reports of Student Council deliberations to staff and College Board.
  • Regular parent – teacher meetings with classroom teachers and school administration to discuss issues of concern.
  • Engage with QPASTT (Queensland Program of Assistance of Survivors of Torture and Trauma) for student support.

4. Partnership with Parents and Key Stakeholders

To Work in Partnership with the Parents, Local Businesses and Key Stakeholders in Achieving our College Goals

Specific Properties by 2022 AIIC will:

  • Active P&C Association.
  • Regular attendance at local community events to promote the College.
  • Establish closer links with other local schools.
  • Actively participate in community events and networks.

5. Facilities , Resources, Organisation and Management

To Ensure the Development and Maintenance of College Facilities through Professional Strategic Management

Specific Properties by 2022 AIIC will:

  • Sports facilities.
  • Review all Working Policies and Procedures annually.
  • Revisit the current Financial Plan for AIIC to maintain financial viability.
  • An aggressive Marketing plan, develop an interactive website.
  • Plan and promote the college internationally and attract enrolment of overseas students (CRICOS).
  • Continuing students are enrolled by the end of November.
  • Establish an active Alumni.
  • Offer Year Eleven in 2019 and Year 12 in 2020 at the Carrara Campus.