A splendid effort to start the holy month.

The Australian International Islamic College conducted its 17th annual Quran recitation competition at its Durack campus on 30th April and 1st May 2019. The two day program was attended by students, teachers, parents and many members from the wider community. The students’ reading was judged by the qualified Huffaz (those who have memorised and are trained in Quran) Dr Irshad, Hafiz Said Seedat and Hafiz Adam. Altogether 235 students competed from different primary and secondary classes. Class winners were given medals and the overall winners in four categories were presented with trophies. Each participant received a participation certificate and the lower primary students received a gift bag as well.

The Quran competition was a huge success and created a greater interest in students to read and memorise Quran more vigorously.  Both judges and the viewers expressed their satisfaction in the skills of the students in reading and memorising the Suras. Alhamdulilah. 

Our students at AIIC practised enthusiastically for the Quraan competition. Imams informed all students in the first term itself to prepare a portion or surah from the Noble Quran and students had the choice of individual preference. Thereafter, each student was tested and assessed on the basis of tajweed, fluency and memorisation as these are the criterion used for testing students by external judges during the competition. This proved fruitful in preparing students to recite and practice rigorously. In high school, there is a separate competition for boys and girls, a unique method of building student confidence for recitation on stage has been used by Imams, whereby chosen participants recite their surah or portion of preference from the Quran in front of the entire class. Naturally some students were hesitant at first but after some encouragement and coaxing, most of the students took the courage and recited in front of their peers. This is the stepping stone to further endeavors inshallah.

One of the College’s main objectives is to inculcate in the children the love of Qur’an through understanding and learning its rules. Therefore, we have been teaching in our classes the rules of Tajweed in detail using reliable books of Tajweed.  These books have been taught universally and develop a comprehensive understanding of the authentic recitation practices, they apply these vital rules while reciting the holy Qur’an. These books have been helping students immensely to build their foundation in the science of Tajweed studies, Alhmadulillah.

For students who have the potential to memorise more chapters from the Quran, we have created an extended intense Hifd plan. It has been extremely rewarding to see the level of keen interest and enthusiasm in Quran reading and memorisation among the students.

Imam M. Sharif – Head of Islamic Department