A Joyful &

Holistic Universal Islamic Education

Educational Journey at AIIC:

At the Australian International Islamic College (AIIC), we provide an enriching and comprehensive educational journey from Kindergarten (Kindy) through to Year 12, integrating traditional Islamic values with the Australian national curriculum. As a leading Islamic educational institution in Australia, we are dedicated to offering a holistic learning experience that shapes our students into well-rounded individuals ready for the challenges and opportunities of the future. 

Holistic Development Approach:

Nurturing Future Leaders: We strive to develop thinkers, leaders, and innovators who are confident, compassionate, and guided by Islamic ethics.  Quran Competition 2023

Faith and Learning Integration: Islamic values are seamlessly woven into every aspect of our curriculum, encouraging students to apply these teachings in academics, social interactions, and community service.  Hajj Incursion 2023

Self-Confidence and Assurance: Our aim is to build confident and self-assured individuals who are ready to excel in their chosen paths and make meaningful contributions to society. 



kindergarten to Year 2

At the Australian International Islamic College, our Lower Primary program, encompassing Kindergarten to Year 2, is a testament to our commitment to nurturing the whole child – academically, spiritually, and socially – in harmony with our cherished Islamic values and traditions. 



Year 3 to Year 6

As our students step into Year 3 and 4, they encounter a vibrant educational landscape where advanced Islamic studies, comprehensive literacy, and numeracy, and exploratory work in sciences, digital technologies, and the arts await them. 



Holistic Universal Islamic Education

At the Australian International Islamic College (AIIC), our commitment to providing a comprehensive Islamic education is reflected in our tailored approach across different educational stages. From the nurturing beginnings in Kindergarten, through the critical learning phase of the primary years, to the challenging and enriching environment of secondary education, we focus on developing students who excel academically, spiritually, and ethically.



Providing a Conducive and Enriching Environment​

Middle Years (Years 7-10): As students transition to higher grades, the curriculum becomes more rigorous, with an emphasis on critical thinking, problem-solving, and applying Islamic teachings in everyday life. 

Senior Years (Years 11-12): Preparing students for their future, our senior curriculum focuses on academic excellence, leadership skills, and a deep understanding of Islamic principles, equipping them for tertiary education and beyond. 

Wellbeing Program at AIIC:

At the Australian International Islamic College (AIIC), our Wellbeing Program is integral to nurturing the holistic development of our students. This program intertwines Islamic teachings with a focus on academic, spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being. Key elements include: The Student Wellbeing Program

Our Campuses:

Diverse and Inclusive: With five campuses, AIIC serves a diverse student body, offering personalized attention and tailored educational programs to suit the needs of all students from Kindy to Year 12. Our Campuses

Supportive Learning Environment: Each campus is equipped with the facilities and resources necessary to provide a supportive and stimulating learning environment. 

At AIIC, we are committed to shaping the minds and hearts of our future generations, ensuring they leave our college with the knowledge, skills, and Islamic values needed to succeed in an ever-changing world. Our comprehensive educational pathway from Kindy to Year 12 is designed to empower students to achieve their best, both academically and spiritually. 



Nurturing Young Minds

We are the first Islamic-based Kindergarten in Brisbane. We share a sense of belonging with our Kindergarten community by embedding children’s learning in Deen. We also use the Early Years Learning Framework to embed early childhood practice. Our Educators engage with professional development opportunities to further build onto their existing skills and to ensure that their skill is current with educational trends and theories. Children that engage with a kindergarten program are given the opportunity to build onto social and emotional skills. They learn to express their feelings in order to obtain and receive social requests. They learn early literacy and numeracy skills.