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The success of the college and our students is underpinned by our unwavering commitment to ensure excellence in everything that we do from our curriculum and teaching, to our facilities and service.

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Using Innovative and Interactive Teaching Methods

The College encourages students to explore their strengths and weaknesses so they can develop the knowledge, skills and character to lead happy, successful and productive lives through learning, teamwork and integrity.

Muhsineen Scholarship 2023

Australian International Islamic College is pleased to offer scholarships for students wishing to enrol in our school for 2022. The purpose of this initiative is to reward and acknowledge the educational achievements of some exceptional students. The College will offer Academic Scholarships, which will be reviewed a the end of each semester. Download the Application form below, complete and return them to the Australian International Islamic College administration.


Mr Andrew Taylor

As Salaamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakthu, Islamic schools are among the fastest growing schools in Australia. In Islam, a high premium is placed on education and knowledge.


to Succeed.

Providing a Conducive and Enriching Environment​

The vision of AIIC is to empower students to succeed in a rapidly changing world by providing an Islamic education, comprised of religious and secular studies that prepares them to perform their roles within their family, society and the wider community.

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The students are constantly excelling in school, and extra-curricular activities. These achievements are proudly showcased at our Monday morning assemblies. AIIC also encourages our students – and their parents – to take part in after-hours events hosted on campus such as; Kindy / College open days, Jalsa (community sitting) nights, Eid celebrations, Family Fun Night, Fete and much more! The volume of student participation in these events paves the way for a deep-seeded sense of community spirit in your child.


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