Speech by Imam Abdul Quddoos Al-Azhari, AIIC Multi-Purpose Hall, 27th January 2015.

Respected Principal, Honourable Board Members, Coordinators, Learned Teachers and my dear children,

Assalamu Alaikum Warrahmatullahi Warabarakatuhu

It’s very nice to see you in the academic year of 2015. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you all and pray to Allah (SWT) to bless this year and make it a rewarding one. I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing holiday with your family members and parents.

Dear Children,

We are in an Islamic school, we have many Islamic schools in Australia. Let me explain, how Islamic Schools came about in Australia. The historical background of Islamic schools in Australia. During the 1940’s and 1950’s in Australia, we had schools in the mosques and Islamic centres on the weekends where children had to go to the mosque to learn how to pray, read Quran, and memorise duas.

Speeches by Imam Abdul Quddoos Al-Azhari

In the 1960’s and 1970’s, we organised in rented public schools and public centres, we started to run part-time schools. In the 1980’s, we started to establish regular schools. I was involved in establishing those pioneer schools. When I was in Darwin during the 1980’s, I became involved in the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils and helped establish these schools. In the 90’s, Darul Uloom Islamic Academy of Brisbane was established. In 1994 ISB Islamic School of Brisbane was established and in 1995 BMS Brisbane Muslim School was established. By 2001 we already had 25 Islamic Schools.

Why do we need these schools?

The main aim and objective for all these Islamic schools is to create an Islamic caring environment for the advancement of our society at large, and to develop a strong moral and ethical attitude. In order to develop Islamic identity and personality, we need to keep up with knowledge, skills, good attitude and behaviour, and in so doing contribute to the wider Australian Society. In these Islamic Schools we have some Arabic and Islamic classes approximately 3 hours a week, we have dhuhr salaat and jumah salaat. We have a special Ramadan program and a strict uniform policy.  These policies mean to create equality among the students, and by following these strong moral and ethical values, the Islamic Community can be a practical example to broader Australian Communities and contribute in Australia’s growth, advancement and harmonious development.

Dear children

In Australia we must respect and obey the rules of the land and the democratic system. We must respect human rights, equality and a fair go for all Australians. These are beautiful Australian values. We stand for these values, Islam stands for these values and Islam never opposes these values. All Australians irrespective of their religious backgrounds, discourage and reject drunkenness, gambling, alcohol and drug abuse, extreme individualism, family breakdown, disrespect for the elderly, lawlessness and sexual harassment.

We Muslims are law abiding citizens of this country. My dear students we are all committed to the rule of the country, Parliamentary democracy, respect for human rights, freedom of expression, equality of the sexes, multiculturalism and Religious Freedom. English is our national language.

Our safety, our security and our success depends on the safety, security and success of Australia. We are here to contribute and compliment, not to abuse and oppose Australian values.

My dear children,

Once again, honourable Principal, Board Members, respected Imams, learned teachers and my dear children I welcome you all into 2015 and wish and pray that Allah (SWT) grant us Toufiq and blessing for the success and enjoyment in 2015 academic year.


Thank you

Jazakhallah Khair.

Assalamu Alaikum Warrahmatullahi Warabarakatuhu