Anzac Day was commemorated on the 22nd of April at Australian International Islamic College. We had a wonderful crowd of parents, teachers and students at the AIIC Multipurpose Hall on the day.  It was a beautiful day and all the students and staff at AIIC wore a poppy in  remembrance of our lost ANZAC soldiers. Year one recited a beautiful poem for our ANZAC soldiers. We had our Nasheed group paying their homage to the ANZAC soldiers through their songs. They sung the songs “We still call Australia home” and “Lest we Forget”, which stole the hearts of the crowd. Our college also observed 1 minute of mourning silence to remember those who laid their lives for this great nation. Our High school students performed a very educative and emotional drama named, “The Inquisitive Mind of a Child”. The program ended with a lovely power point presentation by the year 10’s.This drama educated the students about the significance of poppies on ANZAC day. Our College students also participated in laying the wreath at the Anzac Square organized by the ANZAC Commemoration Committee. More than 3000 students from different schools across Brisbane had gathered to pay their homage to the ANZAC soldiers.