It has been a great pleasure to teach at the AIIC. Alhamdulillah I
love the environment and most importantly all the students. I feel I
have become more attached to these students.
We have learnt so many things in Arabic starting with the Arabic
alphabet and moved on to words. One of the roles that students love
to play is the teacher role. We have given them that role and they
have really loved it.
At first the students struggled with the Arabic letters, but with
practice they became quite familiar with the Arabic alphabet. Their
hand writing has become much better and now they know the letters
very well.
Have some fun with Arabic words
We have some memorizing, explanation and interesting games. The
game is about two groups each group has two people. One sits and
gives his back to the board and the other student is the helper who
has to explain what is written on the board without saying the word
in English. Through explanations and actions the first person who
says the word on the board correctly gets a point. Look at their
The Scary and funny time
The scary and funny time is when the students know it is time for
Arabic Conversation they become a little scared, shy and excited at
the same time. Well -in fact- it is a mixed set of feelings but that is
normal. We have made lots of Arabic conversations in front of the
class. It is awesome practice.

Mrs. Amani – Arabic Language Teacher