Australian Maths Competition 2013… We have our winners!

AIIC took part in the prestigious Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) 2013. This competition provides challenge to the students in the style of problems in the real world that they can relate to. Apart from testing their underlying knowledge in mathematics, the students are asked to respond to situations which might be new.

Well done, students! Keep up the good work
Well done, students! Keep up the good work

The following students were awarded certificates:


Aneca Sharkar Oma (Year 6)


Ahmed Sid-Ahmed (Year 11)
Salim Mohammed (Year 11)
Safa Abdi (Year 10)
Sumaiya Gedik (Year 8)
Ahmed Abdelrahman Ibrahim (Year 7)
Jasmin Asisiwe (Year 4)
Mitchell Hewitt (Year 3)