I would like to take the opportunity to thank our community specially the parents who have entrusted us to teach their children at the Australian International Islamic College. Alhamdulillah, we have got such wonderful students in Biology who are very keen to learn the subject. I also would like to thank Translational Research Institute, a University Queensland Diamantina Institute at Woolloongabba for giving our students the opportunity to attend the workshops for performing Advanced Research work on DNA and Cell division (Mitosis).

I would like to commend and thank Dr. Peter Darben (SPARQ-ed) Coordinator and David Pearce for excellent teaching and supervision which made the workshop successful. Let’s have a look at what our students said about the workshops:

I found that the workshops at TRI was a great opportunity to expand on what we had been learning in Biology in Term 1.Afrah (Year 12)
It was really helpful for understanding the concept of DNA.Akbor (Year 12)
I thought the experience was a great one which allowed us to work in the world best standard lab PC2 environment. The workshop was really interesting and engaging.Omar (Year 11)
Going for this excursion helped me to understand how to use the latest biological lab equipment and learn more about DNA.Isrra (Year 11)

Dr Mohammad Islam – Operational Coordinator /Biology Teacher

Biology Excursion at TRI 2