It was book mania for two weeks from the 19th – 30th August at AIIC. This year’s theme was ‘Reading is my Secret Power” but we decided to alter the theme to “Reading is my Super Power” to encourage students to develop a keen interest in reading.
We hosted several fun activities for students to participate and enjoy. These included;

Scholastic Book Fair
Our Scholastic pop-up Book Fair was a success and we’ve already managed to use the commission to purchase brand new books for our students. We will reveal the new titles in the coming weeks.

Book/Movie Showing
We transformed the junior and main library into mini cinemas where students from primary schools watched “How to train your dragon 2” and secondary students watched “Lion”

Premier’s Reading Challenge
To encourage students to actively read we ran a competition during library sessions for students who had completed the Premier’s reading challenge to write their names on the poster corresponding with their sporting house colour to blend with sports day which happened earlier this term.
The winning house colour were treated to a party. Congratulations to the Razi Kangaroos (red team) for winning the competition they enjoyed an extended lunch period in the library with games, literacy activities, puzzles, board games, Legos snacks and a movie.

Costume Parade
Costume parade is the most exciting for students from Kindy to year 4. This is an opportunity for students to dress up and imitate an iconic hero from a book. Surprisingly students showed a keen interest in scary stories, so we decided to go with the genre and perform a skit from “Ghostbusters”
The scene was set in the library where Zeenat played the role of a ghost leaving slime on books and damaging everything in sight. Shuhaili played the role of a Ghostbuster ready to find and destroy the ghost. Thankfully the ghostbuster managed to rid the ghost from the library.
I would like to personally thank all the parents who got involved in dressing their little one’s we had so many creative costumes on display. One student actually dressed up as the Anh Do Book which we thought was creatively amazing another student dressed up as the “ Story Tree House book by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton which are both very popular books at this moment.
Teachers also got into the spirit and dressed up making the event more memorable for all to enjoy. Alhamdulilah it was a very successful event we received so many positive reviews from parent’s teachers and students. We have literally no clue how we’re going to top that for next year.

Author Presentation
Dave Lowe a renowned author paid us a visit as he engaged students from grade 3 to 7. He talked about how he came up with the ideas for his books and provided students with insightful tips in writing fiction. Students were in stitches from all his hilarious jokes and let the students partake in a fun quiz at the end. Dave is knowledgeable, engaging and heaps of fun, the students seemed to benefit from his presentation.

Perform Education Show “Big Dreams”
Perform Education put on another fabulous show for us this year, for students from prep to year 4. Based on CBCA’s Shortlisted books of 2019. “Cicada”, “The all new, must have Orange 430” and “Girl on Wire” were all depicted in their performance and our students had the pleasure of exploring these books in the library in the weeks leading up to the show.
The performance centred around the topic of having “Big Dreams” and working out how to navigate feelings of self-doubt, fear, anxiety, to ultimately achieve your goal. The students explored these themes through stories and activities during their library lessons with me and were eager to participate in the show.
The show was engaging, fun and interactive and the students loved seeing their humble library books, brought to life on stage.
All in all, we had a Huge (and utterly exhausting) 2 weeks but we all enjoyed every second of it. We jammed in heaps of activities and even had to cut some things out.
We’re already scratching our heads as to what we can possibly do for next year but we’re at the drawing table brainstorming through ideas for next year’s event. So, until next time stay tuned and remember “Reading is my Super Power”