Our students participated in the Short Story writing competition organised by Write4fun.
I am pleased to inform you that all the students (Year 3 -6) who took part in competition have received an Achievement Award in recognition of successfully completing the first round of judging.

They all have been offered the opportunity of having their short story published. I am absolutely proud of all of you.
AIIC City Campus has also been awarded Excellence in Writing Award for being in the top 10% of schools that display a high standard of writing.
It is your hard work, dedication and commitment that is helping you to develop into great writers. Great work children! Remember hard work always pays off.


I would like to congratulate all the Year 3 students for all the hard work, dedication and commitment that they have put in the last few to months to produce amazing NAPLAN results. Well done students!

I would also like to emphasise on usage of media for children.  It is important to balance screen time with time in the ‘real’ world, connecting with real people and real experiences.  Building physical and social skills s important for children. An hour and a half to two hours with screen-based media per day is plenty.  Developing healthy screen time habits while they’re young will help children and teenagers make better choices about how to use their free time when they’re older.

Bandhana Kumar
Teacher (Year 3-6)
AIIC City Campus