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City Campus

Welcome to AIIC City Campus

The Australian International Islamic College’s City campus is located near the CBD. Conveniently located near the P.A. Hospital, shopping villages and public transport.

AIIC has an optional door to door bus service, that can contently and safely transport your child to and from school. 

At the City campus, class sizes are small. This allows  teachers to provide a more direct one-to-one learning experiences and give the attention your child deserves.

City campus shares the same educational syllabus and facilities with the other campuses allowing for a uniform learning experience.

Using the school’s transport fleet, our students often take excursions to the main campus for extra learning resources. This ensures your child will receive the fullest amount of resources our school has to offer no matter which campus they call home.

Our Core Values


Provide a conducive and enriching environment for students to become conscious of the Almighty to seek knowledge and to reach their full potentials.


Develop high levels of creativity through the usage of innovative and interactive teaching methods.


Develop self-confidence and assurance in students through closer teacher-student relationship and participation in extracurricular activities organised internally and externally.


Instil respect for parents, teachers, elders, surroundings, environment and to diverse opinions & culture.


Create a culture of mutual trust, honesty, transparency, forthrightness and ethical behaviour in all aspects of life.


Instil the spirit of voluntary service to the Nation at all times.