Deputy Principal

Raihana Ferdous


“I am strongly committed to conducting the affairs of the school to the benefit of the Muslim students and the community that it serves.”

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu.

I thank almighty Allah for His blessing and allow me to lead an enthusiastic and committed team. I am grateful and honored to be part of Australian International Islamic College comprising an outstanding team of teachers and administrators who appreciate and understand the dynamics and needs of young teenagers Muslims. As a team, we take pride in the considerable amount of effort and resources dedicated to promoting students’ academic excellence by nurturing a culture of inquisitive learning and equally conscious and sensitive towards social and well-being.

Prior to move to my teaching career, I worked as an Electrical Engineer. I have completed my BSc in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Bangladesh University of in Engineering and Technology, and MEng and PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from National University of Singapore. Fuelled by my passion for teaching, I decided to change career paths when I moved to Australia in 2013. I have completed my Graduate Diploma in Education from University of Queensland and become a secondary school teacher since 2015.

As a member of college community since 2016 and Head of Secondary from last year, I am very committed to designing a secondary curriculum that is expressive and transferable. I, with my secondary teaching team, am dedicated to engaging learners in a world beyond topics and textbooks, towards globally accessible understandings that prepare the students of AIIC to adjust with the real world. Over the years in AIIC, I have taught Science, Mathematics and Digital Technologies in different secondary levels. I have been teaching Engineering and Digital Solutions to senior secondary students for the last 5 years. I am strongly committed to conducting the affairs of the school to the benefit of the Muslim students and the community that it serves.

As a Deputy Principal, I consider myself truly as the vicegerent of Allah in fulfilling the duties and responsibilities that college has offered me. I am hopeful to promoting the holistic learning environment as well as strengthening the individuals teaching and learning practices towards accomplishing the college motto, “Excellence in education, character and service”.

Outside of teaching, I enjoy reading, cooking, and travelling. I have a small family with one beautiful daughter and caring husband.