Australian International Islamic College – Annual Jalsa 2017

A Great showcase of the Islamic abilities of our students
by Imam Mohammed Sharif

This year our Jalsa was a great success. It has been, yet another milestone in the educational services of AIIC. The program took place on Friday the 10th of November, 2017. AIIC aims to celebrate the ability of our students’ aquired knowledge of the Islamic subjects taught during the year. This provides the whole school community an opportunity to share and reflect on the teachings of Islam.

One of the objectives of Islamic education anywhere is to enable the students to pass the message to others. It is the true prophetic tradition that those who witness the truth should transfer the same to those who couldn’t receive it for some reason.
فاليبلغ الشاهد الغاءب
(let those who attend take it to those who didn’t )
The holy book of Allah has ordered the believers to invite others to the path of God in a wise manner and using the best advice. Throughout the academic year, students have been attending our well sequenced lessons in the Arabic language and Islamic Studies. In addition to that, they received lessons in Quran reading and Tajweed. All year levels have achieved a lot in these subject areas and they were waiting to get a chance to showcase their knowledge to their parents, teachers and the wider school community.
This year’s Jalsa contained a wide range of programs in multiple languages. Quran readings with translations, nasheeds in different languages, plays on prophetic stories, speeches on contemporary issues and multimedia presentations etc. These filled the night with awe and pleasure.
The program was attended by a very big audience comprising of parents, teachers, board members and the wider school community. The founder of AIIC, Imam Abdul Quddoos Azhari gave an inspiring speech about the vision and mission of the college. He mentioned the success of our students in acquiring such quality religious education and upbringing.
The program was applauded by one and all as the organising committee did a great job in carving out such a beautiful artistic bouquet of the Islamic spirit. AIIC will have the Jalsa annually to provide our children with the best of skills and means of expressions.