Durack Campus Ring Road Project

The AIIC Durack Campus Ring Road project (Phase 1) is starting on June 3, 2022. The project is targeted for completion on Oct 4, 2022.

AIIC is undertaking the construction and development of this ring road at its Durack campus to introduce three (3) additional drop-off zones and to improve the overall pick up/drop off and car parking experience.

As a result of this massive undertaking, there will be major disruptions to traffic onsite especially during the typical pick up and drop off timings. AIIC requests your cooperation and patience during this period of construction and development. We ask you to follow important traffic signages/detours and directions from our traffic wardens with extra caution and care especially between June 3 and Oct 4.


Primary drop off video


Alternative drop off video

AIIC Durack Ring Road Project: Phase 1 (Click image for details)

To assist you, please refer to the Durack campus image with appropriate markings and designated parking and drop-off/pick up zones assigned to staff and teachers. Please make sure you familiarize yourself with these directions to minimise traffic bottlenecks and disruption. These markings and traffic guides are for your reference during phase 1 of this project. In the coming weeks, further communication with phase 2 details will be shared with our AIIC community.

AIIC is working closely with its construction partners to minimize disruptions as best as possible to ensure the safety of our students, parents and AIIC community.

Please remain diligent, careful and follow the traffic/detour signs. It is important for everyone to follow the traffic wardens’ guidance and directions to maintain a continuous flow of traffic for the safety and benefit of all.

Your cooperation and patience especially during drop-off and pick-up timings is highly appreciated.