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At AIIC, all enrolments are exclusively conducted online for parents.

Enrolment Procedure

At the Australian International Islamic College (AIIC), our enrolment process is thorough and secure, ensuring the protection of your child’s details at every stage. Here’s a brief overview of our enrolment steps:

1: Initial Application Form Submission:

  • When you begin the application form, you’ll be asked for your first name and email address.
  • A verification code will then be sent to your email. This code allows you to access and modify your submission for the next 48 hours.

2: Security and Accessibility:

  • This system ensures that only authorized individuals can complete the application, safeguarding your child’s information.
  • If you need to access the form after 48 hours, simply request access again using the same email and first name.

3: Email Consistency:

  • It is crucial to use the same email address throughout the process. This consistency allows you to return to your Enrolment application form and pick up where you left off at any time.

4: Email Communication:

  • Please check your junk/spam/promotions folders regularly and mark AIIC as a safe sender to ensure you receive all communications from us.

5: International Enrolments:

  • For international students, the first question on the application will ask about the enrolment type. Select “international” to ensure you receive the appropriate questions and information.


To get a fast and secure Enrolment Application Form, kindly complete the Expression of Interest form, and we will send you the Application via email.

– For All enrolments, please click here.

Please ensure you check your junk/spam/promotions folders in your email and mark us as a safe sender to receive all communications.


Once you have completed the Expression of Interest, you will receive the Application Enrolment form by email.  

Please note the following instructions: 

  1. The Application must be completed and signed by the parent or the legal guardians.
  2. All required documents must be attached, including:
  • Birth Certificate 
  • Immunisation record 
  • Passport/Visa 
  • Latest school Report  
  • Court Order (if applicable) 
  • Local  students : Completion of online enrolment applications requires payment of a non-refundable enrolment fee of AUD$100  by credit card only.
  • International students : Completion of online enrolment applications requires payment of a non-refundable enrolment fee of AUD$250  by credit card only. 


If any of the above documents are not submitted, the Application will not proceed.
Additionally, please ensure that all documents provided are scanned clearly. Screenshots will not be accepted. Alternatively, you can visit the school office, where our enrolment team will scan all the required documents.


Application for admission is no guarantee of available vacancies or successful enrolment and any fees paid are non-refundable 



Once all the required documents have been provided, the application will be sent to the Head of School for review. We will keep you updated via email.

The review process may take 2 days to 1 week, depending on the date and term.

After the review is completed, based on your child’s school report card, your child may be required to take a test, and the application will proceed to Stage 5.

Our enrolment team will contact you to schedule a test for your child.

If your child is not required to take a test or have an interview with the head, the application will proceed to the next stage. Stage 6

However, if we do not have an available spot, your application will be placed on the waiting list until a spot becomes available. Stage 4

We will send you an email to notify you that your child’s application has been placed on the waiting list. 


If the college does not have an available spot, we will place your child’s application on the waiting list. You will be notified via email when a spot becomes available to proceed further. 

Please Find the Waiting list policies HERE


For students enrolling in Kindy to Year 1, taking an exam is not mandatory. However, they may be interviewed by the head of the school based on their application details. 

For students enrolling in Year 2 to Year 12, it is compulsory for them to take an exam and have an interview with the school’s head.  

Our enrollment team will reach out to you to schedule the exam and interview. 

This is a great chance for parents to share any vital information that may affect their child’s learning abilities. 


Successful outcome

Once your child has been accepted at AIIC and has met all the necessary requirements, we will send you a notification by email to confirm their placement. Following this notification, the application will then proceed to the next stage, STAGE 7.

International Students

The application will be assessed and recommended to the principal for the final decision. If
successful, the college will email a letter of offer and request you to pay the following refundable
fees in advance;
– Security deposit AUD $2000.00
– Tuition and homestay fees for at least one semester (the amount required will be stated in the Letter of
Offer) then the application will proceed to the next stage. STAGE 7

unsuccessful outcome

If your child has not been accepted, you will be notified via email or notification that a place is not being offered at this time. However, your child’s application will still be considered for a place through the Principal’s Discretionary Process. Additional documentation, such as academic evidence, may be requested.


Once you receive the notification that your child has been offered a spot at AIIC, we’ll process their Application Form in our school system.
This is important because it allows us to generate a Student Number and gather all the necessary materials for your child to start college.
As a parent, you’ll also be assigned a Parent Code, which is crucial for your involvement and communication with the school.
If you already have a Parent Code, your child will be registered under it, ensuring a seamless experience for you.
After this process is completed, we’ll keep you updated via email.


For parents who are enrolling their child for the first time at AIIC, we offer an Induction program. This program allows you to explore the campus and gather more information. 


Once you have paid the non-refundable enrolment fee and completed the Induction, our enrolment team will send you a Confirmation letter by email. This letter will include the start date, class number, and other important information for your child’s enrollment at AIIC. The time it takes for your child to start college after being accepted can vary, usually taking a few days to a week to complete the process.

Last updated 13 October 2023

All students who are enrolling at AIIC will be taking either a PAT test or an AGAT test as part of their Entrance Exam.

For students enrolling in Year 2 to Year 12, it is compulsory to take either a PAT test or an AGAT test as part of their examination.
These tests evaluate their achievement levels and general reasoning abilities, providing valuable insights for their academic progress.

However, for students enrolling in Kindy to Year 1, taking an exam is not mandatory. Instead, they may be interviewed by the head of the school based on their application details.

A PAT test, or Progressive Achievement Test

Progressive Achievement Test, is a multiple-choice exam that helps teachers assess students’ achievement levels in Mathematics, Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary, and Listening Comprehension. 

AGAT test is an online multiple-choice test designed for students aged 7-16

It assesses 5 reasoning strands to comprehensively evaluate students’ general reasoning abilities.

1: Abstract reasoning : Abstract reasoning is the ability to see patterns and logic in pictures and diagrams.  

2: Kinetic reasoning: Kinetic reasoning is the ability to anticipate the results from the movement of objects.  

3: Numerical reasoning: Numerical reasoning is the ability to use numbers to solve a variety of multi-step problems.  

4: Spatial reasoning:  Spatial reasoning is the ability to visualise the transformations of objects on a page.  

5: Verbal reasoning: Verbal reasoning is the ability to understand how words connect to each other and how words within a sentence affect meaning.  

How is the test conducted at AIIC?

At AIIC, the test is conducted with a combination of online and offline components. The PAT test is taken on a laptop under supervision, while the AGAT test may involve printed papers.
The PAT test allows 45 minutes, and the AGAT test allows 50 minutes.

What determines the outcome of the student test?

The outcome of the student test will be determined based on their performance and results.
The Head of the school will review the results, usually within 1 to 5 days, but it may take longer depending on the school term.

Can students take the test online without coming to the school?

At AIIC, students are required to physically come to the school campus to take the test.

Last reviewed 27 September 2023
Last updated 27 September 2023

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