Our senior students from Years 11 and 12 recently visited the University of Queensland (UQ) at St. Lucia campus as part of a school engagement experience with the university. The students were divided into two groups and given a tour of the campus by two current third-year UQ students, before all meeting again in a small lecture theatre to listen to a presentation by a PhD student, Jordan De Bono.  Jordan spoke of her own experience when first applying to study at UQ, coming from a country town in Queensland, and her journey throughout her studies while at UQ. She gave a great visual presentation to our students, particularly regarding her work within UQ’s Science labs relating to varieties of snakes and extracting snake venom for medical and health discoveries.

After a brief morning tea break relaxing on the vast centre court grassy area of UQ, the students then chose which of two lectures they would like to attend – “Ecology in Australia – Problems, progress and prospects” or a “Law Pro Bono” topic. Both lectures were excellently presented, encouraging interaction from the students, and were both entertaining and informative. This experience at UQ for a few hours gave our students the experience of attending university lectures, walking around the campus and being amongst the busy throng of university students.

Deborah Heis
Guidance Counsellor

May 2018