Purple is the colour for International Women’s Day (March 8th)

Our College celebrated this event by ‘going Purple for a Purpose’. We held a gold coin donation/purple ribbon day on Friday, March 9. To raise donation funds for YWCA Queensland – a charity organisation that supports women and girls through 3 corners tones of empowerment – safety & wellbeing, economic participation, and leadership.

YWCA provides support for safe housing, disability support, upskilling programs and employment, as well as educational and mentoring programs that aim to develop leadership skills in young girls and wo men.

Many of our AIIC girls wore colourful purple hijabs and scarves to commemorate the day and our teachers and staff were also dressed in a variety of purple clothing. It was great to see many of our AIIC boys also keen to support the day by donating a gold coin to wear a purple ribbon on their blazers.
Our College raised $190 in gold coin do nations, and we look forward to making this a regular event in future years.

Deborah Heis
Guidance Counsellor