Performing Hajj once in a lifetime is obligatory on every Muslim male and female. This means after having the means to go for the Hajj pilgrimage, one is not allowed to ignore the performance of holy Hajj.

Hajj has a unique place in the practice of worship as it brings a large number of believers united on praying to their beloved creator. They leave their beloved ones behind and commit their hearts and minds solely to remember their Lord, Allah.

Each ritual of Hajj and Umrah provides us with great lessons of unity and discipline. For example, pilgrims from different backgrounds put their geographical, linguistic or other barriers aside and spend a few days and nights together in different stations of Makkah. They all share the same slogan, which is known as Talbiyyah. Men wear two simple pieces of white sheets to imply that everyone is equal in the sight of Allah. Pilgrims gather on the mount Arafat and beg for the mercy of their creator.

This year, with the grace of Allah, around a million or more devotees were in the holy sites for performing the holy Hajj and Umrah. We pray to Allah for accepting every ritual that our brothers and sisters have carried out for the pleasure of Allah.

Here at the Australian International Islamic College, we strive to ensure that our students receive the best education and experience in every lesson that we deliver. We understand that there are Islamic lessons that can be taught with simple instructions.
However, some lessons can be taught better when they are supported with more practical experiences.

Hajj is a lesson that even adults may struggle to learn with simple verbal instructions alone. Keeping this fact in mind, Imams and teachers at the college with the support of the principal, management, parents and students created a Hajj simulation.
Teachers with the help of the students and other working staff designed the props and the models of Ka’aba, Maqame Ibrahim, Arafat, Mina, Jamarat, Muzdalifah, and Safa-Marwa. It was really beautiful to see children from kindy, prep and other lower primary coming in their Ihram cloths. They also had ‘passports’ with Hajj visas stamped in. On their way to Makkah from Jeddah airport, children engaged in reading Talbiyyah.

When students from each class came to perform their ‘Hajj’, Imams guided them through each and every ritual. They also briefed the stories and messages that are contained in every act of Hajj. The performance concluded with the final farewell Tawaf known as Tawaaful Wadaa. It was so great to witness the whole school doing the Tawaaf together, replicating what we see in Makkah. The college is thrilled with the positive comments received from many parents and members of the community about the all-day successful event of Hajj Incursion.

Our thanks go to Allah, The Most Kind for His help and support. We also extend our thanks to parents, management, teachers, and students for their sincere support and involvement in the event. Insha’Allah AIIC will make this an annual event at the college.

Arabic/Islamic Studies Department