HarmonyDay 21 March 2014 (427)

Each year Australian International Islamic College celebrates Harmony and Multi-cultural Day and this year was no exception. The slogan for Harmony Day is “Everyone belongs” and at AIIC everyone belongs in our family, we come from many different countries, speak many languages yet come together to learn and praise Allah (SWT).

No school uniform on Harmony Day, it is the day the College comes alive with vibrant colours, textures and patterns with the children wearing traditional clothes from their cultural backgrounds. Smiles are infectious and laughter reverberates around the school as students enjoy a day that is a little different and share a plate of cultural food. HarmonyDay 21 March 2014 (244) More Pictures in Photo Gallery.

In the afternoon the whole college attended a special Harmony Day presentation in the multi-purpose hall. Every student in the college either painted, drew or coloured their handprint. These handprints decorated the hall forming a circle around the hall to signify coming together and belonging, that we go hand in hand with each other no matter our ethnicity, language or cultural backgrounds.

Mrs Banwa our Principal opened the event, followed by a reading from the Qu’ran. The College captains spoke about Harmony Day and read a poem. We thank the college’s Nasheed group for leading the school in the national anthem and later performing a nasheed on stage.HarmonyDay 21 March 2014 (357)

In the planning phase it was wonderful to see students volunteering and wanting to go up on the stage to present. The Year 4s had all students doing an Aboriginal hand dance, the Year 2s said ‘Hello’ in many different languages and Year 6s played their part with interesting speeches. The stars of the show were the Year 1s, they stole the show with their hat and cultural fashion parade.

Mashallah to all students who joined in and enjoyed the spirit of Harmony Day and Multi-Cultural Day.