Last term, the AIIC (Australian International Islamic College) Breakfast Club organised a Healthy Breakfast Poster-Making Competition for students from year 1 to 6. The aim of the competition was to drive home the message of healthy eating to primary school students.
The AIIC Breakfast Club is an initiative of ‘Brothers in Need’, a charity group that has been providing free healthy breakfast to students at AIIC every morning since last year. Students who normally skip their breakfast for a variety of reasons can help themselves to the healthy breakfast provided such as juice, sandwiches, cereals and fruits. These students are then able to start the school day energised and ready for learning.
In a bid to reinforce the healthy eating message further, volunteers from the group then decided on the art competition to reach a wider school audience. The competition was well received judging from the high number of entries submitted. With the help of the Student Council, 10 winning posters were selected while the rest of the entries were awarded consolation prizes consisting of goodie bags and certificates of participation. The prize- giving ceremony was held last Monday, 30 April at the Multi-Purpose Hall during the combined assembly.
On top of the generous prizes of $100 gift cards, table lamps and goodie bags, winning posters will also be displayed in the breakfast room and around the school.
Given the kind gesture, AIIC would like to take this opportunity to thank the ‘Brothers in Need’ for their invaluable service and contributions to the college thus far. May Allah bless them for their goodwill and sincere efforts. Ameen.

The AIIC Breakfast Club is sponsored by
Brothers in Need.