2011 has been a wonderful year in the Islamic department of our wonderful school. Apart from our normal Islamic curriculum,
students were exposed to a world of Islamic knowledge through our daily ‘minute madrasah’ which took place after every Zuhur Salaah every
day. Student’s hearts were filled with light and inspiration from stories of the Quran and Hadith rendered every week in our Jummuah Khutbahs (sermons). These lectures are delivered by the highly qualified Imams of the school; Imam Muhammed Azhari, Imam Shahzad Khan and myself.
Our students were taught throughout the year topics that were relevant to the Islamic month they were in. In Ramadhan the high school students
went through a complete fiqh course about fasting in this holy month and students also learnt about the Haj during the month of Dhul-
According to year level, students were instructed in various fiqh topics such as: Tahaarah (cleanliness), Salaah (prayer), Zakaah (yearly charity), Jihad (striving effort), Haj (pilgrimage), various business transactions halal & haraam and certain aspects of marriage.
In Islamic history, students learnt about our glorious past from the time of our Prophet and father Aadam to the great era of our beloved
Messenger Muhammed (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon all his messengers) and beyond with special emphasis on the lives of the rightly guided Caliphs. In our final term the students were eager to learn about the great general and leader of medieval Islam, Sultan
Salahudeen Al-Ayyubi through a serious of lessons, a movie and an assignment.
Apart from the Surahs required to be learnt by heart in each class, students were expected to memorize four Surahs during our morning assemblies, one for each term. Our Surahs this year were: Surah Zilzaal, Surah Qadr, Surah Teen and Surah Inshiraah. Imam Bashir Khan
Arabic Language & Islamic Studies Teacher