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In term 2, our Year 11 and 12 students are doing quality and quantity analyse of some pharmaceutical products in a microscale. To compare their micro-scale analyse with a Pharmaceutical industry who are working in a large-scale, I organised an Industrial tour @ HEALTH WORLD LIMITED, a Pharmaceutical company.

The latest Chemistry excursion was very exciting. We learnt so much about the complexity of the processes that go into the production of medicine. There were no complaints on that day, as the activities of the day went smoothly. All of the Chemistry students represented A.I.I.C beautiful and left a lasting impact onto our tour guides. The day was full of conversation, laughter, learning and surprises as the students were treated with the option to get some delicious Halal food.Rahim Mohammadi, Year 12

It was a successful tour where our students got the opportunity to learn about chemistry involved in real life, workplace health and safety, large-scale preparation, sample analysis, future career in Pharmaceutical Industry.

It was such a wonderful experience to know more about the background information about the medicines and the capsules we take in our lives. Working with the workers down in the industry was fun and enjoyable because the proceedings was quite similar to our school laboratory. We students have experienced much more than just been in a position of a normal worker in the medicine industry but rather we explored more on the process of medicine production. This excursion was really thoughtful to all students, especially those students who later wants to study in the field of Medicine.Fatema Noor, Year 11

I would like to thank Health World Limited for giving us the opportunity to learn and share their experiences. Special thanks to John Gleeson, Plant Manager, Abdul Hye, Qualification and Project Manager and Stefan Munro, Chemical Laboratory Manager who guided us during the tour and answered the questions were asked. I also would like to thank Riyaz Sultan, our lab assistant for accompanying us. It would not be possible without your help.

Dr. Mohammad Nurul Islam
Operational Coordinator & Chemistry Teacher & Chemistry Panellist, Brisbane – Ipswich District Queensland Curriculum & Assessment Authority