Quran Competition

Our College, deeply rooted in Islamic values, is wholeheartedly committed to promoting and nurturing the annual Quran competition.
For over two decades, we have celebrated and
honored our students’ dedication towards the Quran, striving to create an environment that encourages spiritual growth and fosters a deep connection with the holy Qurán.

At our five esteemed colleges, the Quran competition has become a cornerstone of our school calendar, drawing in over 500 students ranging from prep to year 12. It is a testament to the significance and popularity of the event that it has evolved into a highly anticipated and cherished occasion for our entire school community. 

Check out this amazing video from the Quran Competition at our Durack campus!

Through this prestigious competition, our primary goal is to instill a profound love for the Quran in our students, fostering a deep connection with the holy text and promoting its understanding and application in their lives. We firmly believe that by engaging in this competition, our students not only enhance their Quranic knowledge but also develop important skills such as public speaking, critical thinking, and teamwork. 

To ensure the resounding success of this transformative program, our school goes above and beyond to provide the necessary resources and unwavering support. We have a dedicated team of experienced teachers and staff who work tirelessly to organize and facilitate the competition, creating a platform for our students to showcase their remarkable talents and unwavering dedication to the Quran. 

Furthermore, we actively encourage and welcome parental involvement in the competition. We firmly believe that the support and encouragement from parents play a pivotal role in motivating our students to actively participate and excel in the competition. By engaging parents in the process, we create a strong sense of community and reinforce the paramount importance of Quranic education in the lives of our students. 


The top 3 winners of our Primary Quran Competition: Muaaz, Suhayba, and Emaan! Congratulations to all three of them!
Our community is blessed with such amazing reciters!
May Allah make us those who recite and internalise the teachings of the Quran.

Secondary Girls

Aisha Ikram has won first place in the Secondary Girls Quran Competition 2023!
Principal Andrew Taylor and Deputy Principal Dr. Raihana Ferdous were there to present alongside Aisha’s parents.

Secondary Boys

Mohamad Rahat has won first place in the Secondary Boys Quran Competition 2023!

Check out these amazing photos from the Quran Competition at our Durack campus!



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