The annual R.A.C.I. Queensland Regional Titration Competition was held at Griffith University (Nathan Campus) on Saturday 3 June 2017 and Australian International Islamic College (A.I.I.C) entered two teams.  The six year 11 and 12 Chemistry students who entered were Kushida Binti Mohd Ayub, Sara Ahmed, Rumana Akter, Saimur Rahman Siam, Ayub Khalif (Year 12) and Rahim Ullah (Year 11).
Titration is a method used to accurately determine the concentration of an acid, by carrying out a neutralisation reaction with a base of known concentration. The point of equivalence is determined by a colour change from clear to light pink. The difficulty is compounded because the teams must first determine the concentration of the base from a known acid, effectively performing two separate titrations each.
The competition was fierce and comprised of approximately 51 teams from many schools across Brisbane. AIIC team 1 (Kushida, Sara and Rumana) did exceptionally well and they received the first place (within 1% of the true value for the sample) and Team 2 got within a close range of the correct results. The accuracy comes down to 4 decimal places, with the winners being determined by a fraction of a drop of the basic solution.
Congratulations to Kushida Binti Mohad Ayub, Sara Ahmed and Rumana Akter who has achieved the excellent team award and been selected for the National Titration Competition 2017. Congratulations to Kushida who achieved excellent participant award (within 0% of the true value for the sample). We congratulate our six students for their efforts and enthusiasm and we look forward to achieving a medal in the National competition in October.

Dr Mohammad Nurul Islam
Operational Coordinator & Chemistry Teacher