Through Sports.

Sports at AIIC

At AIIC, we strongly believe in promoting the importance of sports in students’ lives. Sports not only provide a platform for physical activity but also teach invaluable life skills such as teamwork, discipline, and resilience. Through our commitment to sports, we aim to instill these values in our students and help them develop into well-rounded individuals. 

Athletes carnival

The athletes carnival was a shining example of the positive impact that sports can have on our students. It was a joy to witness so many students come together, have fun, and compete in a friendly and supportive environment. The smiles on their faces and the camaraderie displayed were truly heartwarming. 

We would like to express our gratitude once again to everyone involved in making this event a success. To the staff, teachers, and parents, your dedication and support are truly appreciated. To the students, your enthusiasm and sportsmanship were exemplary. Keep up the great work and continue to embrace the power of sports in your lives! 

Bachar Houli Cup

We couldn’t be prouder of our incredible students for their outstanding performance at the Bachar Houli Cup! It was an absolute thrill to be a part of such a fantastic event that brought together colleges from all across Queensland. Witnessing the passion and dedication of our student athletes, as well as the support they received from their fellow students and the community, was truly inspiring.

Ultimate Frisbee

Our AIIC students recently had a blast playing an exhilarating game of ultimate frisbee! They showed off their impressive skills, teamwork, and love for the game. The energy on the field was contagious, and everyone had a fantastic time. Ultimate frisbee is just one of the many exciting sports that our students enjoy at AIIC.

We look forward to more exciting sporting events and opportunities in the future as we continue to promote the importance of sports at AIIC. Together, let’s inspire and empower our students to reach new heights both academically and athletically.