AIIC's Comprehensive Islamic Wellbeing Program

At the Australian International Islamic College, we prioritize the holistic development of our students through our comprehensive Islamic Wellbeing Program. This program is deeply rooted in Islamic teachings and is designed to foster not just academic prowess but also the spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being of our students. Central to our philosophy is the conviction that true success is broader than academic achievements alone; it also encompasses the cultivation of compassion, empathy, and ethical behavior, aligning student actions with Islamic principles. We integrate Islamic teachings across various life aspects to instill a profound sense of purpose and a robust connection to their faith. 

Student Wellbeing

Our Islamic Wellbeing Program blends academic studies, spiritual guidance, and diverse extracurricular activities to foster an environment conducive to personal growth and character development. From daily prayers and Quranic studies to community service projects, our aim is to nurture students who are not only academically competent but also socially responsible and empathetic members of society. 

The Islamic Wellbeing Department at AIIC offers the following programs:

Community Engagement Program: Encourages student participation in fundraising, charity work, volunteering, and parent information sessions, fostering a sense of community involvement and responsibility. 

Inspiring Self-Motivation: Through counseling and enrichment programs with our teachers and wellbeing staff, we instill a sense of self-motivation and aspiration in students, focusing on making learning relevant, showing care and concern, offering praise and encouragement, providing leadership opportunities, and promoting self-assessment. 

Teacher Wellbeing Support Program: Regular Professional Learning Community (PLC) sessions and discussions on student support strategies, as well as dedicated initiatives for teacher wellbeing, are organized by the wellbeing department. 

Enrichment Activities: A range of activities, such as mindfulness programs, sports, Islamic knowledge sessions, outdoor activities, and youth leadership camps, are designed to develop a variety of lifelong skills. 

Restorative Practice Time (RPT): These sessions emphasize self-accounting (muhasaba), self-reflection (muraqaba), and goal setting (musharata), facilitated by our educators and wellbeing staff. 

Mentoring Programs: Focusing on developing character (Akhlaq) and etiquette (adab), these programs aim to enhance the students’ consciousness of Allah (Taqwa), understanding of Islam (Ilm), and character traits through various activities including presentations, case studies, and discussions. 

Join us at AIIC as we endeavor to cultivate a generation of learners who excel academically and embody Islamic ethics and values, ensuring a balanced and fulfilling life in this world and the hereafter. Our Islamic Wellbeing Department organizes various activities to support this holistic approach.