The Year 12 graduands of the Australian International Islamic College celebrated one of their most significant milestones at the Calamvale Hotel. It was an occasion to acknowledge the efforts of the students, staff and parents. Students Umme Kulsum, Sepehr Omidi and Hassan Ramazani were the Masters of Ceremony for the evening. Certificates of subject achievement were awarded to the high achievers and College Caption, Umme Kulsum took the Dux award. The Sportsman Award went to Hassan Ramazani who plays with the Brisbane Roar U21 team. Several community leaders were acknowledged with the Golden Garment Award for their contributions to the school and to the community. Mrs Parveen Khan was presented with the College’s 2019 Community Award in honour of the late Haja Saleema Azhari.


College Captain Umme Kulsum delivered a heartfelt formal speech in which she thanked all those who contributed to their achievements:

Honourable Principal Mr Ally, respected Imam Abdul Quddoos Azhari, esteemed board members, distinguished guests, dedicated teachers, dear parents and fellow students,
Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarkatuhu.
The 10-year-old refugee, me, would not believe me if I told her that I am graduating from grade 12 because never in her wildest dreams did that seem like a possibility. Ever since I have come to Australia, AIIC has taken me and many others like me into their care and granted us help, support and love that I would not have received elsewhere. This institution believed in me when I was convinced that I didn’t have any potential, and as a result of that faith, I am here tonight, graduating from high school.

I stand here before you tonight as the captain of AIIC and as the representative of my class to do one job and that is to say thank you. First and foremost, I would like to thank Allah Subhanahu Wata’ala for choosing us to be amongst those blessed to receive an excellent education especially in a safe Islamic environment. There are no mercies or blessings, no success nor achievements except those which come from Allah – Al Muqeet.

Amongst the greatest of Allah’s blessings are our wonderful parents who have sacrificed their money, time and effort in order to assist, encourage and take care of us from way before we even learnt to say thanks. I can say for myself that I have probably not thanked my parents enough for all that they have done for me, but to all our parents, believe me when I say there is absolutely no way we would be here, graduating, without your love and support. In front of everyone present here tonight, Jazakallah Khairun Mums and dads for being the human embodiment of unconditional love.

A sincere and necessary thank you to every teacher for all their dedication, hard work, sacrifices and commitments towards moulding and shaping us to be good human beings, good Muslims and the very best version of ourselves. I know that there were probably times when, we as students, have disappointed you but I can truly and sincerely say that you have never disappointed us in any way in being the best teachers. Whenever we needed you to offer extra assistance with homework or classwork that we didn’t fully understand, you were always there for us, willing to sacrifice the few free minutes you have to eat.

More than that, I am truly indebted to all my teachers, as they have guided me whenever I required their guidance and helped me in the ways that I needed to be helped. The patience you required to teach our class must have been tremendous, but hey, we made it out all in one piece. Once again, Jazakallah Khairun for everything and we pray that Allah rewards you and protects you under His wing as you have protected us under yours for all these years.

On behalf of my class, I would like to express our appreciation for this institution and those in charge of administrating it. We have been given every opportunity to realise our highest potential and to strive for excellence so thank you AIIC for being not just a school but a home. As we are closing the chapter of school and journeying out into the wider community, we hope to make you and the Muslim community proud, In Sha Allah.

I would like to thank and congratulate my fellow colleagues on surmounting level one of life. I could see all the hard work, commitment and dedication that you have shown throughout the year towards your studies and now I can happily be the one to tell you, it paid off and we made it.

I know how excited we are to move on to the next stage and experience university life and everything else that is ahead of us. As happy as we are to graduate, I think we are also nervous of what awaits us after we leave everything, we have known for over 12 years. I just want to reassure you that we have everything we need to, not just survive, but thrive out there. I know that when we reunite again, we are going to make all the teachers so proud.

Thank you so much to every single one of my classmates for blessing me with your friendship, I would not be the person I am today if it weren’t for your love and kindness.

Thank you, class of 2019, for choosing me to be your captain, it’s an honour I would have never dreamed of and I hope that I was able to meet your expectations. I apologise if as a friend, classmate or captain, I failed to fully uphold the duties and responsibilities that come with those titles.

We know that this life is a test and our purpose is to worship Allah alone. Whatever shore we wash up on during the course of our lives, remember everything we have learnt at AIIC, remember that Allah is always with those who place their trust in Him. A piece of advice that has helped me throughout my schooling that I am convinced will also help us in the real world is, “Verily, after hardship comes ease.”

After every assessment week, there is a holiday so when things get hard in life, know that ease is going to follow.

During the tough times, remember as Kahlil Gibran said, “Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.” We are the masters of our fate and the captains of our souls, so soar high and reach for the stars. Stay strong in will, to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.

Remember, wherever you are planted in life, bloom with grace.
Jazakallah Khairun
Assalamu Alaikum