The Soccer team at A.I.I.C are undefeated and done really well AIIC Soccer Team 2with winning four games in a row. Along the way there were times when it looked like they couldn’t score but at the end of each match they were victorious. Nasur (5) and Latif (5) scored majority of the goals alongside other players such as Safi (4), Ramazani (3), Abdi (1), Yasin (1) and Ahemd 5B (1) who scored some great goals. In fact all of the year 5/6 boys’ soccer team worked fantastically hard, making them as successful as they were.



   A.I.I.C vs St Marks 6-0
A.I.I.C vs Forest Lake 3-2
A.I.I.C vs Inala 7-0
A.I.I.C vs Caroll Park 4-0
AIIC Soccer Team 5 AIIC Soccer Team 3