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Islamic Studies

At the Australian International Islamic College (AIIC), we are dedicated to providing a comprehensive Islamic education that transcends conventional learning methods. Starting from the nurturing environment of Kindergarten, extending through the crucial primary years, and advancing into a well-rounded secondary education program, our approach is holistic. We integrate traditional Islamic teachings with contemporary educational practices to develop students who excel in academic, spiritual, and ethical.

Islamic Education in Kindergarten and Primary Years

Kindergarten: We initiate our youngest learners into Islamic education with engaging stories and interactive activities focused on Islamic values and teachings. This foundation is crucial for instilling a love for Islam and its principles. 

Primary Years (Prep to Year 6): The Islamic curriculum for primary education deepens with studies in Quran, life lessons from the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and basics of Fiqh. We emphasize character building, ensuring Islamic values align with everyday behaviors. 

Secondary Islamic Education (Year 7 to Year 12)

Enhancing Islamic Knowledge: In secondary education, students delve deeper into Islamic studies. This includes advanced Quranic studies, Tafseer (Quranic exegesis), Hadith (Prophetic traditions), and in-depth lessons in Islamic history and civilization. 

The curriculum is designed to not only impart Islamic knowledge but also to develop critical thinking and practical application of Islamic teachings in modern contexts. 

Ethical and Spiritual Development: We focus on nurturing ethical behavior and spiritual growth, preparing students to navigate the complexities of contemporary life while staying true to their Islamic faith. 

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Quran Competition

At AIIC, the Quran Competition stands as a beacon of our commitment to Islamic education. This event is much more than a display of memorization skills; it’s a celebration of our students’ spiritual journey with the Quran. The competition is intricately designed to not only test the students’ abilities in Quranic recitation and memorization but also to instill in them a lasting reverence for the holy text. 

Preparation and Participation

Students across all grades participate in this competition, dedicating months to memorize and perfect their recitation. The preparation process itself is an educational journey, where students deepen their understanding of Tajweed (the art of Quranic recitation) and Tafseer (Quranic exegesis). 

Community and Spiritual Significance

The event fosters a sense of community as families, teachers, and students come together to celebrate the achievements. It highlights the central role of the Quran in Muslim life and serves as an inspiring reminder of the beauty and depth of Islamic teachings. 

For more information about the Quran competition, please click here



Hajj Incursion

The Hajj Incursion program at AIIC is an innovative educational experience that vividly brings to life the rituals and significance of Hajj, one of the five pillars of Islam. This event is meticulously orchestrated to offer students a hands-on understanding of the pilgrimage, an experience that transcends the traditional classroom setting. 

Simulating the Pilgrimage

Through carefully planned activities and simulations, students are transported to the heart of the Hajj experience. They engage in representations of the various stages of Hajj, gaining insights into the spiritual and practical aspects of this Islamic obligation. 

Educational and Spiritual Benefits

The incursion not only educates students about Hajj but also helps them develop a deeper connection with this fundamental aspect of their faith, enriching their overall Islamic knowledge and practice. 

Hajj Incursion 2022

For further details on the Hajj Incursion, please click here

Hifz Excellence Program

The Hifz Excellence Program at AIIC is a groundbreaking initiative designed to meld academic prowess with spiritual development. This program is tailored for students who show exceptional academic capabilities and a desire to engage deeply with the Quran through memorization. 

The program focuses on cognitive development, spiritual enrichment, and the cultivation of future Muslim leaders. It emphasizes the importance of Quranic memorization in enhancing memory and cognitive skills and deepens students’ spiritual connection with Allah. The program aims to have a transformative effect not only on students but also on their families and the wider community

Jalsa Event

The Jalsa Event at AIIC is a grand celebration of Islamic culture and heritage. It is an event that showcases the diversity and richness of the Islamic tradition through the talents and creativity of our students. This annual event is an expression of the joy and pride we take in our Islamic

Cultural Showcase: Students prepare various performances, including recitations, plays, nasheeds, and art exhibitions, each reflecting a different facet of Islamic culture and history. These presentations are the result of months of preparation and demonstrate the students’ deep engagement with their cultural roots. 

Fostering Islamic Identity: Jalsa is not just a cultural program; it’s a platform for students to connect with their heritage, understand the contributions of Muslims to the arts and sciences, and reinforce their sense of belonging to the global Muslim community. 

To witness this remarkable spirit firsthand, we invite you to watch the following video, which captures the essence of our community’s togetherness and the vibrant student life at Durack Campus.

Embracing Unity and Excellence at AIIC Gold Coast Campus

At the Australian International Islamic College’s Gold Coast Campus, we celebrate a unique blend of individual talent and community spirit. Our students stand out not only for their personal achievements but also for the collective ethos that defines our campus. It’s a place where mutual encouragement, support, and respect are interwoven into the fabric of our daily interactions.

The culture at our Gold Coast Campus is centered around fostering a supportive and inclusive environment. Here, every student’s success is amplified by the encouragement of their peers, creating a nurturing space where talents are recognized and celebrated. This atmosphere of positive reinforcement and unity plays a pivotal role in shaping the holistic development of our students.

We warmly encourage you to watch the accompanying video to experience the dynamic and supportive environment of the Gold Coast Campus. The footage showcases how our students thrive in a setting that values both individual excellence and collective progress.

AIIC’s Islamic Studies program, enriched with our key events and the Hifz Excellence Program, is a testament to our dedication to providing an education that nurtures the mind, heart, and soul. From the early years of Kindergarten to the advanced stages of Quran memorization, we are committed to preparing our students to be confident, knowledgeable, and ethical individuals, ready to contribute positively to the Muslim Ummah and the broader global community. 


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