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AIIC College Enrollment Waiting List Policies


AIIC College is committed to ensuring a seamless enrollment process for the diverse student body across our five campuses. Our effectiveness in enrolling approximately 85% of applicants is a testament to our dedication.

Application Process:

  • Applicants are placed on the waiting list based on the date of application receipt and a complete submission of required documentation and fees.
  • The comprehensive enrollment procedure at AIIC may necessitate additional steps, such as entrance exams, especially for applicants from outside of Australia or different states.

Prioritization and Availability:

  • Priority is offered to siblings of current students, AIIC staff members’ children, and those with exceptional relocation circumstances.
  • Limited availability in certain grades or classes may necessitate placing applicants on the waiting list, from which they will be contacted as spaces become available.

Validity and Maintenance of the Waiting List:

  • The waiting list is valid for the academic year applied for, with a new list generated annually.
  • It is crucial for families to keep their contact information current.

Acceptance and Review Process:

  • Acceptance from the waiting list requires additional documentation and fees.
  • An advanced review process termed the ‘Application Stage’, follows the fulfillment of all waiting list criteria, assessing the readiness for admission.
  • Notification of status changes or progression will be communicated via email.

Additional factors may result in an applicant’s enrollment being deferred to the waiting list.

1. Incomplete Enrollment Procedures:

Reason:  Every enrollment at AIIC follows a strict procedure. If an applicant cannot complete certain mandatory parts of this process, it could delay their application. 

Examples include the child being outside of Australia, residing in another state, etc.

Implication:  The application will be temporarily placed on our waiting list. Once the applicant meets the requirements, such as sitting for an entrance test, their application will be reviewed. 

 Next Steps: Detailed steps and requirements can be found here Enrollment Procedure 

2. Incomplete Application:

Reason: If an application has not furnished all the required information or documents. 

Implication:  We will contact you to provide the missing information within a stipulated timeframe. If the information is not provided within this period, the application will be placed on the waiting list until the required details are submitted. 

After Meeting Waiting List Requirements:

Once all concerns or requirements that led to an application being placed on the waiting list have been addressed, the application will advance to the ‘Application Stage’. At this juncture, our team will begin a comprehensive review to determine the next steps. Upon any change in the application’s status, or once it’s ready to move to subsequent stages, you will receive a notification via email updating you about the current status of the application. 

Important Note:

Being on the waiting list is not a guarantee of admission at AIIC. It merely indicates that the application is under active consideration and will be processed once any pre-existing conditions are addressed. 

We empathize with the emotions accompanying the enrollment phase. Our dedicated team is committed to facilitating a transparent and efficient process. For any queries about the waiting list, the enrollment mechanism, or related matters, we are at your service.

Feel free to connect with us. 

Last updated 1 December 2023

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